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Tianjin Vocational Institute was born as a international cooperation outcome between China and World Bank to be among the first group of colleges to provide higher vocational education. International cooperation and exchange is a built-in character of Tianjin Vocational Institute in the last 40 years development.

Tianjin Vocational Institute is actively engaging in various areas of international cooperation, in collaboration education, joint research, overseas education outpost, academic exchange, international students, Tianjin Vocational Institute are all open to mutual beneficiary international cooperation to provide our student and faculty a more international environment and to share China’s achievement on vocational education with the world and to learn from our outstanding partners. Now the active cooperative partners are in Asia, North America, Europe and Africa, and we are more assertive and affirmative more than ever that internationalization is a primary approach for the future development for Tianjin Vocational Institute and we are willing to join with partners from the globe to explore all the possibilities to provide higher quality of vocational education and do our part in building the Community of Shared Future for Mankind.