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School of Tourism Management

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The School of Tourism Management was founded in 2002. There are currently 6 majors including Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Cooking Technology and Nutrition, Western Food Cooking Technology, Flight Attendant, and Business English. Meanwhile, the school and Tianjin University of Commerce jointly cultivate an undergraduate major in hotel management (Hotel Operation Management). Now, the school has more than 2,400 students.

There are currently 79 faculty members and more than 40 part-time teachers in the school. Among them, full-time teachers account for 25% of senior professional titles, 80.8% of masters and above, 82.7% of teachers with double teacher qualifications. The school has equipped with 1 Tianjin municipal-level teaching team; 1 national senior examiner, 2 registered culinary masters of the China Cuisine Association, 6 culinary masters; 1 culinary master chef of the China Hotel Association; 1 national young post expert, 1 national technical expert Teachers. Meanwhile, Teachers won 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes of Tianjin Teaching Achievement Award, and 1 special prize of National Catering Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award. The school now owns 3 municipal-level quality courses and 1 municipal-level quality shared resources. In the past three years, teachers have won 24 awards in provincial and ministerial-level competitions, including 3 national second prizes, 3 first prizes in Tianjin, 2 second prizes in the teacher informatization competition, 1 second prize in the basic teaching skills competition for young teachers, 11 national awards and 5 provincial and municipal awards in the industry skill competition.

The training base is 3300 square meters, with 35 training rooms, and the total value of the training equipment is about 8 million yuan. It has built nearly 30 closely integrated off-campus training bases with well-known high-end enterprises in the industry, such as Intercontinental Hotel Management Group, Marriott International Hotel Group, Wanda Hotels Group, Beijing Dadong Restaurant and Tianjin Erduoyan Group. At present, the school is the secretary unit of Tianjin Tourism Vocational Education Group, the secretary-general unit of The School-enterprise Collaborative Development Alliance of Beijing, the Tianjin and Hebei Catering Industry, and the governing unit of Tianjin Hotel Association. It was rated as the National Model Base of school-enterprise cooperation by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and as the National Model College of catering vocational education by the Catering Education Committee of China Culinary Association and the National Catering Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee.

Students of the school have won 2 first prizes, 7 second prizes and more than 10 third prizes in National Vocational and Technical College Students Skill Competition and other national competitions. Also, they have won 5 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes in the in Industry/Teaching Skills competition. One student who participated in the national selection of restaurant service project of the 45th World Skills Competition has won the 9th place and was selected into the national training team; Two students qualified for the national finals of the 46th World Skills Competition; Students participated in the entrepreneurship competition and won 2 second prizes in the Catering Entrepreneurship competition of the World Chinese Food Federation. The one-time employment rate of graduates remains above 98%.