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School of Biological and Environmental Engineering

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The School of Biology and Environmental Engineering is characterized by connecting high-end enterprises and leading the reform of vocational education. It has 8 specialties: Applied Chemical Technology, Industrial Analysis Technology, Chemical Equipment Technology, Environmental Monitoring and Control Technology, Drug Production Technology, Food Biotechnology, Precious Jade Identification and Processing, Safety Technology and Management. The school and Tianjin University of Science and Technology jointly cultivate an undergraduate major of chemical engineering and technology (Applied Chemical Technology).

The school has a strong faculty with 67 staff members, including 8 with senior titles and 15 with deputy senior titles; 100% of them have double qualification. The school has 1 first and second level candidates of “10 Million Talents Project”; 1 special allowance expert of the State Council; 1 National Famous Teacher, 1 National Excellent Teacher, 2 National Famous Chemical Industry Teacher and 1 National Teaching Team; 1 first level candidate of “Tianjin 131 Talent Project”, 1 Tianjin Excellent Teacher and 1 Tianjin Labor Medal winner. Meanwhile, 2 courses of the school have been rated as National Quality Courses, 7 courses have been rated as Municipal and Faculty Committee Quality courses, and 4 national teaching resources construction bases has been presided over. The teaching outcomes of the school won the first prize of the 6th National Teaching Achievements, and the transformation benefit was nearly 20 million yuan. Teachers have won the National Vocational College Informatization Competition, Multimedia Courseware Competition, Micro-course Competition and Municipal Teaching Projects for many times; edited and published 19 textbooks.

The school has a chemical engineering training building which covering an area of 10,000 square meters with more than 3,400 sets of equipment. The value of fixed assets is more than 30 million yuan. The school has a “VR + AR + IoT Technology + Physical Equipment” integrated online and offline smart chemical training workshop, a “Thin terminal + Cloud Desktop” smart cloud practice Training room, a visual glass simulation device, a real-world factory and a 3D virtual simulation training room. In order to realize digital teaching resources, rich media and online services, the college is equipped with green environment monitoring and processing system, mobile terminal display system, motion sensing and panorama.

Students have repeatedly won group and individual awards in the area of chemical production technology, industrial analysis and inspection, jewelry and jade identification and other competitions in National Vocational College Skills Competition. They also won national or municipal awards in "Challenge Cup —Rainbow Life", "Internet+", "Creating Youth" and other innovation and entrepreneurship competitions.

Based on the requirements of the talent training program, the school has cultivated high-quality skilled talents. The annual employment rate of all majors is above 98%. Graduates are active in important enterprises and positions across the country, making contributions to social and economic development and being recognized and praised by the employers and the society.