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35 projects of TJTC won the awards of China International "Internet Plus" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Tianjin

2022-03-01  Click []

The list of winners of the 7th China International "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students in Tianjin was announced. TJTC won a total of 35 awards, including 6 gold awards, 12 silver awards and 17 bronze awards. The number of gold awards and the total number of awards were the most among Tianjin higher vocational colleges, and TJTC also won the Outstanding Organization Award of the competition.

As the organizer of the vocational education track of this competition, TJTC actively mobilized and carefully organized. The main track registered 11 projects, 48 students participated. A total of 193 events were registered and 1108 students participated. A total of 469 events were registered and 2,086 students participated in the vocational education course. Three projects of the industrial proposition track participated in the competition, involving agriculture, manufacturing, information technology services, cultural and creative services, social services and other fields. Among them, the number of vocational education track registration events and the number of participants ranked first in the city.

TJTC attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship, integrates innovation and entrepreneurship education throughout the whole process of talent training, creates an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, and focuses on incubating high-quality entrepreneurship projects. During the competition, the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Youth League Committee of the University carried out more than 20 publicity activities, competition lectures, enterprise research, and special projects, covering more than 1,800 students and teachers, achieving a good situation of entrepreneurship and innovation education in which everyone participated, everyone made efforts and everyone shared.