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The Opening Ceremony of the Advanced Class to Improve the Intercultural Communicative Competence of Teachers of "Luban Workshop" of TJVI was Successfully Held

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On November 20th, the opening ceremony of the "Luban Workshop" advanced Class for improving teachers' English intercultural communication ability was held in Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Yin Qi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Liu Bin, president of TJVI, heads of relevant departments of the two schools, teachers and students from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation, School of Electronic Information Engineering, and Department of Scientific Research Industry attended the opening ceremony. 


On behalf of Tianjin Foreign Studies University, Secretary Yin Qi expressed his congratulations on the holding of the training class, warmly welcomed all the trainees who participated in the training, and expressed heartfelt thanks to TJVI for the trust and support given to Tianjin Foreign Studies University. He introduced the development of TFSU’s various undertakings in recent years, especially the school’s adherence to the road of internationalization, serving the “Belt and Road” initiative, and actively implementing the strategy of Chinese culture going global, and expressed his expectation to cooperate with TJVI.

President Liu Bin introduced the construction of “Luban workshop” and thanked TFSU for its strong support for this training. He hopes that the teachers will further improve their English level and ability through the training to improve their English cross-cultural communication ability, confidently export the cutting-edge vocational education knowledge overseas, and strive to serve the construction and career development of "Luban workshop" while teachers' personal growth and progress.

On behalf of all the trainees, Ms. Li Xiaohui expressed her heartfelt thanks to the leaders and teachers of the two schools responsible for organizing the training. She said that she would cherish the opportunity, race against time, and make new contributions to the construction of the "Luban Workshop" based on the learning results. Zhang Zhuoyi from the United States, on behalf of the teacher, said that he was honored to participate in the "Luban Workshop" teaching and contributed a meager force to the spread of the most advanced professional knowledge and Chinese culture overseas.

In the next two months, teachers will receive both amateur and intensive English training at TFSU. This training relies on the resources and advantages of the foreign language subject of TFSU. Through personalized teaching design and rigorous teaching, the training is continuously improved pertinence and effectiveness, so that teachers and students continue to improve their ability and ability to manage the "Luban Workshop" tasks. The quality has laid a more solid foreign language foundation for teachers of TJVI to participate in the construction of "Luban Workshop", and contribute to the high-quality construction and sustainable development of Luban Workshop.