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The Second Phase of Teacher Training Course of Luban Workshop Successfully Completed

2021-11-15  Click []

On November 12, 16:00 PM, Tianjin Vocational Institute (TVI) and Durban University of Technology (DUT) jointly held the second round of teacher training of Luban Workshop in South Africa. Liu Bin, president of TVI, Professor Olu, Executive Dean of School of Accounting and Mechanical Engineering of DUT, 6 participating teachers, Dean of School of Electronic Information Engineering, International Exchange Department and representatives of training teachers attended the graduation ceremony.


On behalf of TVI, President Liu Bin congratulated the 6 teachers who participated in the training on their successful completion of their studies. He hoped that teachers of DUT who had participated the training would become the core force of the undergraduate professional construction of IoT in the future and an important technical team of Luban workshop and Jointly build Luban workshop into a gold project of Sino-South Africa Education Exchange.

Adeliyi, the participated teacher of Luban Workshop in South Africa, made a speech on behalf of the teachers. He expressed his gratitude for the good learning opportunity provided by TVI and the hard work of the training teachers in the past month. Through the training, he understood the charm of IoT, broadened his vision and learned China's advanced IoT technology.

Professor Olu made a speech on behalf of DUT. First of all, he thanked TVI for carefully organizing the one month training, and appreciated the excellent teaching level and extraordinary communication ability of TVI teachers. Through this training, teachers of DUT have obtained the cutting-edge technology on IoT. They hope that they will teach this advanced technology to students, use their mastered technology to change the world and build a better future. The communication and exchanges over the past month have also deepened the friendship between the two sides and established a deeper cooperative partnership.

Wang Xiang, dean of the School of Electronic Information Engineering, awarded certificates of completion to 6 teachers who participated in the training.

The successful holding of the teacher training class injected fresh blood into the teaching team of Luban Workshop in South Africa, expanded the breadth and depth of the professional construction of Internet of Things on both sides, provided technical support and talent guarantee for the sustainable development of Luban Workshop in South Africa, and continued to promote the construction of Luban Workshop in South Africa to a higher level.