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President Zheng Qingchun attended the 2022 China-Thailand "Chinese + Vocational Skills" Education Cooperation Forum

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On Sept 22, the 2022 China-Thailand "Chinese + Vocational Skills" Education Cooperation Forum was held online, which was co-sponsored by Yunnan Normal University, the National E-commerce Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, the Vocational Education Committee of the Ministry of Education of Thailand and the Yunnan China-Laos-Thailand Education Digitalization International Joint Research and Development Center. TJTC participated in the meeting as a guest. Zheng Qingchun accepted the project demonstration school award on behalf of TJTC. On behalf of TJTC, the principal of the School of Economics and Management signed the memorandum of Understanding on Sino-Thai cooperation "Chinese + Vocational Skills" project with Biburi Agricultural and Technical College of Thailand.



With the theme of "Building Digital Skills Learning Ecology Together, Building a Better Future for Chinese and Thai Youth", the conference invited experts and scholars from the international Chinese education and vocational education fields of China and Thailand, as well as the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" program to jointly build colleges and universities, and had an in-depth discussion on the international education cooperation aimed at the cultivation of digital skills for the digital age. More than 200 Chinese and Thai vocational college representatives attended the forum.

The China-Thailand cooperation project "Chinese + Vocational Skills" is a practical exploration of the solid implementation of the "Belt and Road" e-commerce integration of industry and education in the Valley of the international cooperation project. The project is based on the practical achievements of China's e-commerce vocational education for nearly 20 years, combining Chinese learning with e-commerce skills training. To deepen bilateral cooperation in vocational education, China and Thailand should establish an international digital skills personnel training and development system that integrates standard development, curriculum construction, teacher training, vocational skills training and certification, competition and exchange, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The delegates agreed that building a digital skills learning ecosystem and conducting digital skills cooperation are crucial to shaping a better future for mankind. The educational community of China and Thailand should deepen the consensus on cooperation and further raise the awareness of the epochal urgency of the development of the digital economy and the popularization of digital skills. On the basis of the existing cooperation fields, with adaptability, practicality, mutual benefit and sustainability as the connotation requirements, by comprehensively promoting the "Belt and Road" e-commerce Valley industry and education integration of international cooperation project skills development, research cooperation, standard cooperation, professional certification, resources development, teacher training, student exchange, skills competition, business incubation, industrial cooperation and other 10 content, We will further promote the integrated development of international Chinese education and vocational education through "going global", and help vocational colleges carry out high-quality international cooperation.

As the demonstration school in this conference and one of the signing schools of the Memorandum of Understanding of Sino-Thai cooperation "Chinese + Vocational Skills" project, TJTC will give full play to the leading role of the "double high" grade A construction unit and participate in the next stage of project implementation and promotion by means of inter-school international cooperation. The School of Economics and Management will continue to promote the construction of "Chinese + Vocational Skills" project, deepen the international training of e-commerce skills, implement the construction task of the Ministry of Education's Action Plan for Improving quality and Training Excellence, improve the school's international level, and continue to support the construction of the double-high program of TJTC.