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TJTC promotes the construction of Luban Workshop in Kazakhstan

2022-09-26  Click []

On the morning of September 21, 2022, President Zheng Qingchun went to the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and met with Deputy Director Zhao Jianling. The two sides exchanged ideas on jointly promoting the construction of Luban Workshop in Kazakhstan.

Zhao Jianling said that Luban Workshop is a well-known brand of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries that was originated and first practiced in Tianjin, and TJTC has played an important role in the promotion and construction of the project. In recent years, Tianjin has earnestly implemented the outcomes of important bilateral and multilateral meetings such as the 21st Meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO and the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of China + the Five Central Asian States, and actively undertaken the construction of Luban Workshop in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian regions. The Municipal Foreign Affairs Office will fully coordinate diplomatic and foreign resources, actively coordinate with relevant Kazakh government departments and the Kazakh Embassy in China, fully support the construction of the Haruban Workshop project, and serve the development of China-Kazakhstan permanent comprehensive strategic partnership with "small but beautiful" quality projects.

Zheng Qingchun thanked the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office for its strong support to the construction of Luban Workshop and briefly introduced the preparatory construction situation of Haruban Workshop. With the support of Chinese enterprises, TJTC has established preliminary contacts with Astana Institute of Technology and other four Kazakh universities, and plans to carry out professional cooperation in automobile maintenance technology. Tianjin Vocational University will identify Kazakh partner institutions as soon as possible, promote the construction of the project with high standards and high quality, and strive to open and operate the project as soon as possible, so as to train more local technical talents and make positive contributions to further enhancing people-to-people exchanges.