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The Belt and Road Cooperation and Luban Workshop Construction and Development Forum was successfully held

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On August 20, 2022, the World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference "Belt and Road" Cooperation and Luban Workshop Construction Development Forum, which was organized by TJTC, was successfully held. Li Shuqi, Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Liu Limin, President of China Education Association for International Exchange, Fang Jun, First Level Inspector and Deputy Director General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Ministry of Education, Wang Jing, Deputy Secretary General of Tianjin Municipal Government, Wang Yongli, Secretary general of China Education Association for International Exchange, Sun Huiling, first level Inspector of Municipal Education Commission, Zhao Jianling, Deputy Director of Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, and Yu Yougen, Deputy Secretary General of China Education Association for International Exchange attended the forum.


Ambassador of Ethiopia, Ambassador of Madagascar, Ambassador of Mali, Diplomatic envoys from Venezuela, Algeria, Japan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uzbekistan, Fiji, Uganda, Mongolia, Cambodia and Pakistan, as well as representatives from the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, the International Committee of China Industrial Cooperation, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Hans Seidel Foundation of Germany, the Globalization Think Tank and other international organizations attended the forum. More than 200 representatives from domestic and foreign universities, enterprises, industry organizations and research institutions participated in the forum online and offline. Wang Hailong , deputy Party Secretary of TJTC,presided over the whole forum.


Li Shuqi delivered a speech, hoping to use Luban Workshop as a platform to enhance mutual understanding, promote people-to-people exchanges and promote common development of all countries, and build Luban Workshop into a technological station of "The Belt and Road".


Fang Jun said that many overseas school-running brand projects represented by Luban Workshop have played an important role in strengthening international exchanges and cooperation between China and the governments, enterprises and colleges of countries along the Belt and Road, promoting people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries, and enhancing the international influence of China's vocational education, and have achieved fruitful results.


Wang Yongli proposed to be the builder, promoter and innovator of Luban Workshop, jointly write a new chapter in the construction of "The Belt and Road", and help Luban Workshop to move forward towards a higher level and higher quality.


In this forum, Liu Limin awarded the first batch of Lu Ban Workshop operation projects in China. The college representatives of the 20 Lu Ban Workshops that have been built in Tianjin and the 5 projects recommended by Zhejiang, Shaanxi and Sichuan received the "Lu Ban Workshop Operation Project" signage. The award of the Luban Workshop Project marks that the original and first practiced Luban Workshop project in Tianjin has officially gone to the whole country and become a national brand of international cooperation in education.


The forum invited 14 guests from domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, government departments and enterprises to exchange and make speeches. They had high-level exchanges and discussions around the themes of "China's Luban Workshop, the world's Luban Workshop", "China's International Vocational Education Cooperation Serving the 'Belt and Road'", "Luban Workshop facing the Future" and so on. They learned from each other, discussed and shared to explore the new path and mode of international cooperation in the construction of Luban Workshop and vocational education. As a guest speaker, Professor Liu Bin, chairman of Luban Workshop Construction Alliance, delivered a special report on the Alliance's promotion of the high-quality development of Luban Workshops across the country. He introduced the overall construction path of Luban workshops across the country in the future and the setting of classification evaluation standards, which received high attention from guests at home and abroad.

This forum follows the basic principle of "joint construction, joint development and shared results", focusing on sharing and exchanging the ideas and actions of Luban Workshop. As an international vocational education cooperation brand, Luban Workshop actively integrates into the Belt and Road to promote skills development and people-to-people communication, exploring and deepening the development mode of Luban Workshop and enriching the connotation and form of Luban Workshop. It has further expanded the domestic and international influence and appeal of Luban Workshop brand.