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TJVI Held the Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Bridge Online Group Project

2021-11-19  Click []

On November 17th, the opening ceremony of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Food Tour was hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Tianjin Foreign Studies University and Tianjin Vocational Institute were jointly organized the project. More than 300 people attended the opening ceremony, including president Liu Bin of TJVI, vice president Li Yingying of TFSU, foreign president Alejandra Paredes Goicochea of Confucius Institute of Tadeo University, heads of relevant departments, representatives of teachers and all Colombian students of the project.

President Liu Bin said that in this exchange project, TJVI not only prepared a more in-depth theoretical course of Chinese food culture, but also prepared a vivid and interesting practical course to show Chinese cooking skills. Combined with the excellent language teaching of TFSU, we invited Colombian students to learn Chinese language and culture and experience Chinese cooking skills through the internet, promote cultural exchanges and learn from each other between Chinese and Colombian students. He looking forward to the end of the epidemic, Colombian students can come to TJVI to experience the charm of Chinese culture.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Liu Hui, a famous Chinese cooking teacher and the creator of Guinness World Records, showed the performance of pulling noodles for the students, which aroused great interest of the trainees and won warm applause for many times.

"Chinese Bridge" is an important platform organized by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education. It has built a bridge between Chinese and young people all over the world. This "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange activity is the first online training program organized by TJVI for overseas teenagers. It has set up video courses including "Overview of Chinese Cuisine", "Chinese Cooking Culture", "Chinese Vessel Culture", "Diet and Health Preservation", "Viewing Chinese Philosophy from Chinese Cuisine", as well as "Fruit and Vegetable Carving", "Squirrel Mandarin Fish", "Potato Bun " "Silk Apple", ect. From November 17 to November 27, through the official website of the Chinese Bridge and the live course platform of the Chinese Alliance, students will be led to experience Chinese food culture online and feel the broad and profound Chinese civilization. The implementation of the project has strengthened the language, culture and education exchanges between China and Colombia, built a platform for communication and sharing Chinese culture, and jointly explored international education under the epidemic situation. The new mode of cooperation not only tells the Chinese story, but also promotes TJVI’s international education to a new level.