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The Signing Ceremony of International Strategic Cooperation between TVI and AVIC INTL was Successfully Held

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On November 12th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between TVI and AVIC INTL was held online. Mr. Qian Rong, general manager of AVIC INTL, Mr. Xu Fei, deputy director of marketing, Mr. Liu Bin, president of TVI and the director of International Exchange Department of TVI attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Ms. Shi Yue, assistant manager of vocational Education Department of AVIC INTL.

President Liu Bin gave a speech at the beginning, briefly introducing the university's 40-year history, educational philosophy, educational characteristics, talent training, faculty development, social services, international cooperation and other aspects. He said that the encounter and acquaintance between TVI and AVIC INTL due to the construction of Luban Workshop deepened mutual friendship and understanding. At the same time, he reviewed the cooperation process and achievements in the construction of Luban Workshop, and thanked the company for its hard work in the process of Workshop construction, we look forward to further cooperation with AVIC INTL to serve the "going out" of vocational education.

General manager Qian Rong introduced the relevant situation of AVIC INTL from the company's strategic positioning, business areas, and Sino-foreign vocational education cooperation. He said that AVIC INTL is committed to driving the development of the national economy of developing countries and the rise of infrastructure construction, serving the country’s opening to the outside world, paying attention to the "going global" of the vocational education industry, hoping to establish a long-term and close cooperative relationship with TVI, continue to expand cooperation channels and areas of cooperation, and better serve the "Belt and Road" Construction.

General manager Qian Rong of AVIC INTL signed a cloud contract with Liu Bin, president of TVI, marking the official start of comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two parties.

AVIC INTL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Aviation Technology International Holdings Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in international market development and international network construction, international channel services, large-scale government project planning and general contracting. Relying on the strong technical support of the Aviation Industry Group’s more than 200 factories, more than 30 design institutes and research institutes, with AVIC International’s 177 overseas institutions in 65 countries and customer relationships in more than 180 countries, the company has become the Aviation Industry Group of China. It is one of the main windows, main channels and main forces of AVIC International's overseas market development.