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TJVI was Elected as the Standing Member of International Competence Training Committee

2021-07-26  Click []

On July 25, the inaugural meeting of international Competency Training Committee and International Competency Training Forum of China Society for Education Development Strategy was held in Beijing. Senior officials and senior diplomats from the Ministry of Education, China Scholarship Council, China Society for Education Development Strategy, former international organizations and other relevant leaders attended the meeting. At the meeting, members of the first council of international Competency Training Committee were elected. China Scholarship Council was elected as the chairman of the board, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other institutions were elected as the standing council member. As the only higher vocational college in China, TJVI was elected as the standing council member.

At the Forum, President Liu Bin of TJVI gave an exchange speech entitled "Luban Workshop and Global Competent Talent Demand". Starting from the construction practice of Luban workshop, President Liu shares the exploration of Luban workshop and global competent talent training, introduces the experience and practices of Luban workshop in South Africa, and puts forward the future development direction of Luban workshop Construction Alliance.

China Education Development Strategy society is a national first-class Society approved by the Ministry of education and the Ministry of civil affairs in 2005. The competent unit is the Ministry of education. As a branch of the China Education Development Strategy society, the International Competency Training Committee has 143 member units. It carries out strategic research in the fields of international organization talent training, international exchange and cooperation talent training in the new era and global competency talent training, establishes a work exchange and sharing platform and cooperation and coordination mechanism, and explores the international competency training mode, provides strategic thinking and decision-making services for promoting reform and innovation.